Cheeky Chips

1143 Midland Ave.
Kingston, ON
K7P 2X8
613-453-0753Click here for map
Thank you so much for visiting our site and we hope you have as much fun and enjoyment browsing through it as we had working and creating it. My husband, Charlie and I, are very excited about our business and look forward to meeting and pleasing every chip truck lover in Kingston and surrounding area, one customer at a time. For as far back as I can remember, I have always loved to bake and cook; something my parents and four siblings would never complain about. Apparently I was pretty good at it. As the years went on I continued to cook and bake while dreaming of owning my own business. Now, you won't find homemade bread or fresh baked cookies on our truck, however, you will be pleased with our fresh cut fries and the finest Newfie fries and Poutines' in the area. All made from my experience growing up in Newfoundland and working fast food. Also, I love to be creative. So, keep an eye on our specials board, you never know what you may see. For example, Fish and Brewis, pulled pork and Swiss. Awww, ok, maybe even homemade buns and a Jigs dinner. What do you think? So Kingston, drop in, lets meet, tell me a story and I'll tell ya a yarn. Eating is fun!