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Considered having your house Painted this summer? College Pro Painters is here for you! College Pro Painters is one of the most successful student run painting businesses in North America. Our success is driven by the work of many of our exceptionally hard working promoters who generate awareness about the company through promoting our services in specific areas about what we offer! We are offering a free quote on exterior painting for your house, the sooner you book the quote, the sooner we can book a job during a time that would work best for you. We offer a wide range of Painting services: -Full Interior Repainting -Full Exterior Repainting -All scraping, sanding, caulking, priming included -Power washing -Deck, Fence and Siding staining / waterproofing A few reasons why you should choose College Pro Painting Services: Dedication to 100% customer satisfaction We bring our drive and passion to produce top quality work to every job. Nothing is more important than client satisfaction and your referral. Access to Savings on Top Products With the large volumes of paint College Pro purchases each year Across the continent comes large discounts. We buy paint from both of the largest paint retailers in North America (Dulux, Sherwin Williams) with no strict brand loyalties, all our savings are passed onto you, the customer. We know ins and outs of each paint and can guide you to selecting the best paint for your needs. Custom colour matching is also available. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation… and Cleanup! The most important part of any job is proper preparation. This is half the battle and the quality of the finished product depends on it. College Pro Painting includes a full preparation process with each job. This includes first laying out plastic, masking paper and drop sheets to protect all floors and furniture. The attention to detail and proper setup ensures a thorough cleanup is completed at the end of each day and upon job completion. All surfaces will receive a minimum of 2 coats of paint, 3 coats should a primer be required. Depending on the job at hand we use brushes, rollers and sprayers. Full Liability Insurance We carry the maximum liability coverage of $2, 000, 000. Full WSIB Coverage All painters working for College Pro Painting Services are covered by WSIB. 2 Year Written Guarantee At College Pro Painting we offer a 2 year guarantee of all our interior and exterior painting work. We can offer this, because we know that our preparation process works and the primers and paints we use are of the highest quality! Selling? Redecorating? Building your dream home? Give us a call and together we can help bring out the beauty in your home. Lukas- 613.331.0096