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WINDOW CLEANING, DEFOGGING & SOLAR FILM INSTALLATION Enviro Window Solution (EWS) offers window maintenance packages including: solutions to repair and restore foggy windows, solar film installation services as well as annual or semi-annual cleaning bundles. Our business is environmentally-driven to minimize impacts on the environment and maximize the efficiency of your existing windows. Now proudly serving the following areas: Ottawa, Kingston, Perth, Belleville, and Barrie.REGAIN R-VALUE AND VIEW Many people believe that fog, condensation or moisture in your windows means that you have to replace the window, which can lead to huge expenses. This is not true. Fog, condensation or moisture in your window means that the desiccate in the window spacer is no longer able to absorb normal moisture accumulation. Our Defogging System enables the air space between the panes to dry which allows the windows to regain their functionality and R-value. SAVE ENERGY AND REDUCE CO2 EMISSIONS EWS also offers solar control options. Solar window films reflect & absorb up to 70% of the sun's heat; this means saving on air conditioning. In the winter, our solar films increase the insulation value of the window by up to 25%, reducing heating costs. All EWS dealers are certified to perform window defogging services and window film installation.