Frontenac Carpentry

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Kingston, ON
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My name is Benjamin Hogeboom & I am the sole owner of Frontenac Carpentry. First and foremost, Frontenac Carpentry is a company whose main focus is quality construction & costumer service. I grew up surrounded by respected tradesmen who take pride in the completion of a job well done, when I decided that I was ready to start a company of my own, I knew that I wanted my work to be held to a higher standard. After completing my carpentry license, and working under numerous men who I highly respect & learned much from, I knew I was ready to pursue a business of my own. As a business owner, I promise to provide nothing but my very best. This profession is not only a job for me, but a passion that I have pursued from a very young age. I believe that hard work builds character, and that when you put your name on the line you have to give your all. This is how I intend on providing quality service to my clients and their carpentry needs. In the future, I hope to pursue my ultimate goal of building Canada’s most energy efficient homes. Throughout my years of schooling, ICF buildings have always sparked my interest. It’s the challenge of having to think outside of the box & coming up with realistic/efficient solutions that intrigues me the most with regards to energy efficient construction. I look forward to working towards these goals in the years to come.