Green Space Design

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Our holistic approach blends YOUR desires with the: • Knowledge of design • An understanding of scale, balance, texture and proportion • To create aesthetically pleasing compositions of various materials The result is an aesthetic transition that seamlessly appears as if it has always been there, and my gratification is simply reflected in the smiles on my customers' faces. - Merri Corrigall Green Space Design works with homeowners and contractors to provide continuity, high quality, eco-friendly solutions for home, business and building renovation projects inside and out. Focus is on the sourcing and use of products and services that lighten the impact on the earth and improve health and well being, a part of the green in green space design. Green Space Design incorporates practical common sense and cost-consciousness to resolve and improve existing spaces with guidance and adherence to the personal style of the client, in a logical, innovative and timely fashion. The list of green products are growing exponentially by the day! Green Space Design offers consultation with design and implementation of required repair or renovation both indoors and out as well as coordinating and supervising subcontractors. With leading edge interior and exterior design, a firm understanding of budget and project management, and having worked with a diverse clientele here and overseas, owner Merri Corrigall can transform a property with potential, into an immaculate home to suit or to sell. Contact us today for more information!