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Pardon? Waiver? What to do? You can apply for a waiver without having a pardon but don't make the mistake of thinking that if you have a pardon you don't need a waiver. At Impact Pardons Plus record suspensions (rs) -formally pardons - and US Waivers are done everyday. You may not need both. If that's the case, you can save a thousand dollars. Give me a call or drop by the office at 556 O'Connor Drive in Kingston, Ontario Impact Pardons Plus...We put you, 'on the road to a better tomorrow, today. Impact Pardons Plus (IPP) is located at the Sea Venture Business Centre at 556 O’Connor Drive, Kingston, Ontario. The office focus is on completing US Waivers (USW) and record suspensions (rs) - formally referred to as ‘pardons’ - for our clients in a timely, cost effective and confidential manner. At IPP, clients do not pay extra for ‘expedited’ service as all applications are tracked and updated on a daily basis. That way, as information on your application comes in, requests for further information are made that day. There are logical, progressive steps to follow in acquiring the necessary information to complete your application; no pardon or waiver company can make courts, Commissioner for Affidavits, police, record archives, government offices and departments (both Canadian and US) move any faster than they are geared to move. However, IPP has the experience and expertise to ensure your application is updated the same day information comes in. That means further information (the next logical, progressive step) can be taken that day. The process can’t go any faster than that. After deciding which application(s) you would care to pursue, IPP will collect the initial information and book an appointment for you so we can get the papers signed and the application(s) underway. At Impact Pardons Plus, we’ll put you on the road, “to a better tomorrow, today.” Give us a chance. Give us a call. You deserve a better tomorrow. Today. J Andrew Tonner, Executive Director Impact Pardons Plus 343 333 1778