Karine Fortin Personal Trainer & Coach

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Kingston, ON
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I am glad that you have found me :) I am a very energetic and creative person. I like challenges and aim to accomplish what I set out to do. I am a full time mom of two and a full time elementary school teacher. For many years, I have been struggling with yo-yo diets, impulse training, poor self-esteem. My timetable was full and I always found excuses to not exercise or turn down that bag of chips. I did not like being taken in pictures and preferred to hide behind objects or people. Sound familiar ? I have discovered Beachbody when my husband TJ brought the P90X 90 day challenge home in August 2012. I was skeptical because I wondered How can a person transform their body in only 90 days... everyone can do this?. So I took my husband's challenge to heart since he too, wanted to make a lifestyle change. What did I have to lose? Nothing. What did I have to gain? My self esteem and my body back in shape! So I did two 1/2 rounds of P90X and got excited about the changes taking place. I added Shakeology and felt better than I had in years! My husband noticed that I was loosing stamina with the third round of P90X. He knew that I loved to move to the rhythm of music therefore he spoke to me about a friend of his who was doing Turbo Fire. As soon as I did the first workout, I was hooked! I found a facebook contact and became part of her challenge group... being accountable and having this support net helped me big time! I loved it so much that I decided to become a coach and help people achieve their goals! I am taking it in a step at the time and come this August, my husband and I will have completed our second year in our new lifestyle and we are not looking back ! P90X3 and the 21 day Fix are my next steps up in my training journey. Investing in our future, we are looking forward to many more years with our children. So, what is your story? Contact me and tell me all about it :) Cheers!