Living in Harmony

1145 Lincoln Dr
Kingston, ON
K7M 4Z7
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Looking for balance in body, emotion, mind and spirit for optimal wellness? Ready to move forward on your life path? Consider Living in Harmony services if you are experiencing: 1. stress and/or anxiety 2. physical, mental, emotional &/or spiritual challenges; or 3. you are now ready to release whatever is holding you back and move forward with your life. Services are provided in my home where I am delighted to offer a calm environment for you. This is your time to recharge and re-balance. Not sure what service would assist you? Please contact me to discuss. Customized wellness services include sound healing/balancing techniques that use sound tools such as tuning forks, crystal and metal singing bowls, hand drum, gong and vocal toning. Colour, reiki, reflexology, essences may be incorporated to meet your specific wellness needs.