Macadam Asphalt Sealing

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Kingston, ON
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Seal coating helps protect the surface of your pavement from weathering factors such as oxidation from the sun, damage from petroleum products such as gas, oil, and anti-freeze, and will help prevent intrusion of moisture caused by rain and snow and the adverse effects on pavement caused by freeze-thaw cycles.With the quick and simple application of our sealant, you will extend your pavements lifetime while giving it a sharp black appearance. What Driveway Sealing Does: • Provides a protective coating to prevent driveway deterioration • Prevents water permeation and eliminates the development of potholes and cracks • Provides a shiny, jet black appearance at first, finishing with an eye catching matte black List of Services: • Driveway Preparation: Thorough cleaning of driveway which includes edging, weeding, and removal of loose dirt/sand/gravel • Sealing: Application of an oil based sealant which will protect and extend the lifetime of your driveway • Crack Repair: Clean up and repair of cracks using a liquid rubber compound • Cold Form Patching: A compound used to repair large gaps and potholes • Oil Spot Primer: The treatment of oil stains using a commercial grade oil removing compound Book with a neighbor/group and save!