Mike's Mower Overhaul

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Kingston, ON
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LAWN MOWER/WEED-EATER REPAIR. GAS POWERED 4-2 STROKE ENGINES. I will tune up your lawn mower or weed eater for a flat rate. The following is a list of the services offered for a rate of 80.00 (parts extra)I also offer a 10% seniors discount. ENGINE WILL NOT START.. 60.00 GENERAL TUNE-UP...80.00 ENGINE OVERHAUL -125.00 1. Sharpen blade to better then new condition. 2. Inspect / clean spark plug. 3. clean air filtre 4. Inspect and clean gas tank (IF NEEDED) 5. Inspect and set ignition coil gap 6. clean and adjust carburetor 7. Oil all vital parts and mechanisms 8. Inspect / change oil if required 9. Clean deck and motor of grass 10.Test run and make sure it runs like a hot rod ENGINE/CYLINDER HEAD CLEANING/MACHINING. 125.00 flat rate. I will also do cleaning and machining of the cylinder head and piston top from years of carbon build up. This makes a very big difference in engine performance. I also clean the exhaust port on block of carbon as well. This is a time consuming process and quite costly if you were to go to a small engine shop. I guarantee your lawn mower will run as well as, or better then new. This process will easily extend the life of your mower by 15 years , and will save you the cost of buying new. I am currently restoring my 90s Briggs and Stratton lawn mower and will be soon posting before and after pictures of this process. I also have before and after pictures of my deck and engine restoration process of prepping, painting and making this lawn mower look brand new, which includes the original Briggs and Stratton engine stickers. LAWN MOWER RESTORATIONS I also offer partial or complete restorations on lawn mowers. Cost for this service I perform at customers request in which is not covered under my ( Tune - Up / Over haul ) or extra Service shall be billed at My hour and half hour rate which are as follows - 30 .00 HR , 15 . 00 1/ 2 HR. Delivery will be extra if applicable Parts Extra. Hours are e Mon - Sat 9-7 pm. Pick up/ delivery free within 10kms of Kingston and surrounding area . 15.00 + charge beyond this. MIKE 613 888-0930 for apt. 'THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS