Privately owned and operating in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, was officially founded on August 11, 1999 as the result of an epiphany.

Local Web directories did exist but were either cluttered with the same information offered as the yellow pages (a telephone and/or fax number, a postal address) or incomplete. There was no directory that included only links to Kingston; a link directory that you knew is complete and absolute, one that would include all the web sites of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

This web site would link the entire city together and serve as a complete resource for everyone to use painlessly and efficiently.

After a few wrong turns, a few dead ends, and a lot of trial and error, an actual plan was forming. The focus was always the same, "build it and they will come."

A lot of business directories have come and gone over the years while has patiently sat back and continued its research and observations prompted with the advent of technology. Smartphones, tablets, responsive sites, apps, and social media hype such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn only to name a few. In 2015, John Miller and Chris Kolokythas joined forces to take to the next level with the infrastructure to turn it into a community portal. has now grown into an Online community with a solid business directory/search engine while its web solutions and Internet marketing services are offered via BHG Designs and GITER, Media & Technology.

Building a strong community requires dedication and infrastructure; these two go hand in hand. To believe in what you do gives you motivation and aided with motivation one can accomplish any task. is committed to its audience and clients, and does its best to follow up on everyone's questions, feedback, and requests at once. As a local web directory, portal, and community guide, strives to bring you the world's largest database of links to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It is then our obligation to our tourism, students, and local residents to provide an informative and valuable search in learning about Kingston.

In our efforts to contribute to the exposure of Kingston as a whole and as an IT driven community, we always seek partnerships from either local or outside companies. A relationship built on respect and the zeal to create more value to the portal through information must co-exist and as such defining short term goals will assist in reaching any long term goal. We invite any company or investor to join the partnership circle in an effort to grow stronger.

We thank you for making the time to learn about us and would like to encourage you to always question the integrity of our services. We also welcome you to share your thoughts with us should you feel that you have a contribution to make to the community portal.