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2017/11/10 OTTAWA -- Anyone planning to purchase legal marijuana next year better be prepared to pay the ta... (read more)
2017/11/09 Police say 16 Remembrance Day poppy donation boxes have been stolen from businesses in Sudbury ov... (read more)
2017/11/09 If there’s a growing divide between haves and have-nots in this country, our federal government... (read more)
2017/11/05 TORONTO — An Algerian man is set to sue the federal government for the abuses he says he suffer... (read more)
2017/10/30 OTTAWA — The federal Liberals plan to shift just over $2 billion in planned infrastructure spen... (read more)
2017/10/27 GATINEAU, Que. — A Quebec man has been charged with allegedly assaulting his teenage daughter f... (read more)
2017/10/27 COLUMBUS, Ohio — A Canadian pilot who landed a plane carrying 290 pounds (132 kilograms) of coc... (read more)
2017/10/27 SAINT BRUNO-DE-MONTARVILE, Que. — Canada supports an undivided Spain, Prime Minister Justin Tru... (read more)
2017/10/27 WASHINGTON — Stephen Harper has expressed alarm over his successor’s handling of NAFTA negoti... (read more)
2017/10/26 OTTAWA — Three Canadians who were tortured in Syria have received just over $31 million in fede... (read more)
2017/10/25 OTTAWA — Not everyone wants to own a home these days, Evan Siddall concedes — not even his ow... (read more)
2017/10/23 OTTAWA — Health groups joined forces on Sunday with the Conservative opposition to accuse the L... (read more)
2017/10/23 OTTAWA — Donald Trump needs to butt out as a hovering presence over the North American Free Tra... (read more)
2017/10/23 OTTAWA — Former Ontario premier Bob Rae has been named a special envoy to Myanmar.... (read more)
2017/10/23 HALIFAX — A Canadian civil liberties group is accusing Dalhousie University of censoring the po... (read more)
2017/10/23 LONDON — Britain says it will give Canada the two shipwrecks once commanded by John Franklin th... (read more)
2017/10/23 OTTAWA — The Trudeau Liberals may have promised to ramp up Canada’s involvement in peacekeep... (read more)
2017/10/20 MONTREAL — Quebec’s long-gun registry doesn’t infringe on federal jurisdiction, says a jud... (read more)

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