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2018/01/18 Being able to stand out for waste, inefficiency and over-regulation in the world of government is... (read more)
2018/01/17 GUELPH, Ont. — The University of Guelph says it has suspended a professor who students allege i... (read more)
2018/01/17 BERWICK, N.S. -- A Nova Scotia regulator is investigating a bizarre mix-up at a funeral home that... (read more)
2018/01/17 OTTAWA -- The Liberal government is devoting $20 million to develop projects aimed at preventing ... (read more)
2018/01/17 VANCOUVER — A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has struck down a law that permits federal p... (read more)
2018/01/17 MONTREAL — In an effort to tackle sexual exploitation, Quebec’s third-largest city adopted a ... (read more)
2018/01/16 TORONTO -- Australia has filed a complaint about Canada's rules around wine sales with the World ... (read more)
2018/01/16 OTTAWA — Even as Justin Trudeau prepares to deliver on his promise to legalize recreational mar... (read more)
2018/01/16 HALIFAX -- As the fight against the ubiquitous plastic shopping bag ratchets up around the world,... (read more)
2018/01/15 OTTAWA -- A bail hearing for former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle could be weeks away after a ... (read more)
2018/01/15 Toronto Police will not lay charges after receiving a phony complaint last week from an 11-year-o... (read more)
2018/01/15 Beer producers are banding together to fight a federal tax on their suds they find hard to swallo... (read more)
2018/01/15 WASHINGTON -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's views on abortion are raising the ire of the U.S. r... (read more)
2018/01/15 OTTAWA -- The federal government is giving itself the legal wiggle room to give carbon tax rebate... (read more)
2018/01/12 TORONTO — Some Tim Hortons locations have increased prices on their breakfast menus, its parent... (read more)
2018/01/12 SASKATOON -- A jury has found a Saskatoon nightclub owner guilty of sexual assault after deciding... (read more)
2018/01/12 McDonald's has apologized and pulled a national radio ad that encouraged people to buy its fast f... (read more)
2018/01/11 Softball season is months away but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a series of easy questions... (read more)

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