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2018/04/03 VANCOUVER — It seems Canada and Russia have a prehistoric connection of the “beautiful” kin... (read more)
2018/04/02 OTTAWA — The six military helicopters that Canada plans to send to Mali could be used to move ... (read more)
2018/03/28 SASKATOON — The parents of a five-year-old autistic boy who died after falling into a pond on h... (read more)
2018/03/26 OTTAWA — The government is making it easier for patients to access prescription heroin and meth... (read more)
2018/03/26 OTTAWA — Canada has joined the U.S. and several European countries in expelling several Russian... (read more)
2018/03/22 Many Canadians are pledging to delete their Facebook accounts as part of an online campaign encou... (read more)
2018/03/22 TORONTO — The second half of a panda family’s Canadian sojourn gets underway on Friday when t... (read more)
2018/03/21 MONTREAL — Families Minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended Service Canada’s decision to ask its e... (read more)
2018/03/20 OTTAWA — The Liberal government is planning to introduce long-promised legislation Tuesday to s... (read more)
2018/03/19 OTTAWA — The governments of Canada, Ontario and Quebec are partnering with some of the world’... (read more)
2018/03/19 The Conservative defence critic is questioning the Trudeau government's decision to send peacekee... (read more)
2018/03/18 WASHINGTON — The same Russian online troll farm that meddled in the American presidential elect... (read more)
2018/03/15 EDMONTON -- Scientists from the University of Alberta have discovered male red squirrels kill the... (read more)
2018/03/15 OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada will not hear the case of a former Canadian Football Leagu... (read more)
2018/03/15 OTTAWA — The federal government is giving Ontario a financial break in a new funding deal to h... (read more)

showing 19 to 36 of 500