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2018/07/09 A man is facing charges from police after a woman saw a stranger try to enter her shed and her ne... (read more)
2018/07/09 Kingston Police have charged a local man after the owner of a residence that was recently vacated... (read more)
2018/07/09 A man was arrested with force on Sunday evening after a son reported his father was being aggress... (read more)
2018/07/09 Local police are reporting that there were 10 domestic related incidents over the weekend resulti... (read more)
2018/07/09 City staff are recommending city council write off more than $2 million in unpaid fines.... (read more)
2018/07/09 A local surgeon and associate professor at Queen's University has been named to a prestigious lis... (read more)
2018/07/09 There’s no sign of a slowdown at Sandbanks Provincial park any time soon. With temperature... (read more)
2018/07/09 Across Ontario, municipalities are undergoing the provincially mandated five-year review of their... (read more)
2018/07/08 Opponents of a proposed apartment building on Ontario Street said the building would fill the las... (read more)
2018/07/08 A unique partnership is unfolding at Bellevue House this summer.... (read more)
2018/07/08 A Kingston man whose lawyer said he claims to have been at the end of a five-day drug and alcohol... (read more)
2018/07/08 City council violated the province’s Municipal Act when it voted behind closed doors to pay $85... (read more)
2018/07/08 While students of all ages were revelling in the start of summer vacation, a number of local teac... (read more)
2018/07/08 City staff is recommending that council acquire property next to the 1 Queen Street Wharf to crea... (read more)
2018/07/06 When Circus Jonathan first came to Kingston's first Buskers Festival in 1989, it was not the spec... (read more)
2018/07/06 BATH -- A local historian is calling for Loyalist Township to offer some protection for a histori... (read more)
2018/07/06 It appears that Lucas Veley will be recognized as an existing person in the eyes of the Ontario g... (read more)
2018/07/06 Neil Joynt, a long-serving OHL billet with links to NHL stars, has won a bail extension while he ... (read more)

showing 37 to 54 of 500