Ktowntslafan @Ktowntslafan

@QueenAhmedala I'm with you. What pisses me off is how mayor and CAO push their agenda down our throats using our tax dollars. #ygk

Ktowntslafan @Ktowntslafan

@QueenAhmedala Would be nice if we all had a platform for productive debate on municipal issues. Instead, school yard rules apply #ygk

Ahmed Hache @QueenAhmedala

Can't wait for the stupid #thirdcrossing to be built so that whining on both sides of the #ygk debate will be water under the bridge. #sorry

Karen Pagratis @kp4countryside

Youth in Countryside should have the same opportunities as their city counterparts. That's why we need better access to busses. #ygk

C.E.R.T Kingston @CERT_Kingston

So we have gained some followers now comes the main event. What ideas do you have that we might be able to implement? #ygk Have any, DM us

Chris Whyman @TowncrierWhyman

OK @YGK the results just announced. Placed 2nd in rnd 2 moved up in rnd 3 to win that round! Placed 2nd overall! Gave it my best. OYEZ!

John G Kent @kent_johng

Hey @Xplornet. Did your service go down in #YGK? It's so spotty tonight, I can't even check my mail.


@CESAP100 Thank you for all the work you are doing to make the game we all love safer! We are fortunate to have you right here in #ygk

ClickHelp @ClickHelp

Got to 50 likes on FB. Small wins help build long term success. Embrace the work. Love the process. #hustle #ygk